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Technology and research knowledge are extremely slow to penetrate into education. There is a lack of expertise or ideas on how to use new technologies in a meaningful way that promotes learning. eduRD supports practitioners and industry in developing innovative and evidence-based products, concepts and learning environments. We build on current knowledge and new technologies, helping education to succeed.

About us

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Social robots, interactive pictures and digital pens can be a huge help to both parents and educators.

Discover your R&D projects for digital and hybrid learning solutions!

We follow the current developments in fundamental research and in technology development to make them accessible in education


Many questions arrise in educators work. Research can answer many of these questions!

In our courses we look at practice-relevant research results and try out new tools and methods so that all children will benefit.

So that you can support your learners even better in the future.


Are you certain your products are effective in learning and aligned with the latest learning research?

We advise and support companies in the education sector in the development of evidence-based learning products.

Your products really can benefit from our know-how.

eduRD is unique

Did you know that while the findings of cognitive science are known to experts in robotics and artificial intelligence - where they serve as inspiration for new technological advances - stakeholders in education know too little about the current findings?

We have been observing this fact for some time. Despite around 70,000 research articles relevant to learning being published annually, little is known about it in the educational world. Only a handful of neuroscientists manage to make it into the media. But research has far more to offer.

We bring current research knowledge and innovative technologies out of the academic ivory tower so that students can be better supported in their individual development.